Helping Children With Disabilities

 The Angel View Children’s Outreach program consists of free services and support offered to children 21 and younger across Riverside County through our bilingual case managers and community advocates.  

Few things are harder or more expensive than raising a child with a disability. In Riverside County, some 25,000 families struggle with the daily challenge. To assist these families, Angel View created the Children’s Outreach Program, which offers a full range of free services and support to children under age 22. Our bilingual case managers and outreach specialists help families remove barriers to care. Services include:

  • Case management and family stabilization,
  • Resources and referrals and help accessing services,
  • Transportation reimbursement for miles traveled to access specialty pediatric services,
  • Mini-grants for medical equipment, supplies, and services not covered by insurance,
  • Educational advocacy through IEP support with educators/counselors,
  • Activity sponsorships,
  • Support groups for parents of children with disabilities.


In addition to covering thousands of trips to local and out of town pediatric specialists, we also help families who are eligible sign up for Medi-Cal, SNAP, Inland Regional Center, and other benefits.

Through our mini-grants, we provide much needed equipment like specialized car seats, communication devices, adaptive equipment and mobility devices. And we enable children with a wide range of disabilities to participate in activity programs like the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) VIP soccer league, UCP Skillsbuilders, GANAS, Ensemble therapy, art classes, swim programs, and more. 

If you have a child with a disability and need assistance, please call Angel View Outreach toll free, (855) 8AV-KIDS, direct to (760) 329-6471 or email