July 7, 2016

Thanks to a recently approved grant from Desert Healthcare District, local families raising children with disabilities will be able to receive much needed one on one family stabilization assistance from Angel View, announced Patti Park, executive director.

“Angel View Outreach provides free services and supports to several hundred local children with disabilities,” Park said, “but since we don’t charge for services and the program has no source of revenue except community support, we’ve been somewhat limited in our ability to offer case management. This grant from Desert Healthcare District will allow us to spend more time with families who need extra assistance. We would never have been able to do that without the District’s support!”

“We were unanimous in our support of Angel View Outreach,” said William J. Grimm, D.O., president of Desert Healthcare District’s Board of Directors. “One of the District’s goals is to advance health outcomes and we know our investment in this program will make a real difference for local children with disabilities.”

Angel View Outreach was launched in 2012 to help families raising children with disabilities through difficult circumstances. Bilingual outreach specialists meet with parents, assess their needs, and after verifying the children’s medical conditions with their physicians, offer various forms of support. 

“We offer resources and referrals and help completing applications for services,” Park explained. “And because so many local children with disabilities have to travel frequently to Loma Linda for specialty pediatric care, we offer mileage reimbursement. That way appointments aren’t missed due to families’ financial constraints. We also offer mini-grants for medical supplies, services and equipment that aren’t covered by insurance,” she continued, “and award sponsorships so kids with disabilities can participate in sports and recreational activities. It’s so important to their health and wellbeing that they are active and included.”

In addition, this past year, Angel View added support groups to its list of services. “There are a number of groups around the valley that deal with specific diseases,” Park said, “but none besides ours that offers general support to parents raising children with disabilities. That has its own set of unique challenges.”

Because it is so challenging, particularly for low income single parents raising children with disabilities, Angel View approached Desert Healthcare District last spring to discuss thoughts on how best to help. A proposal was developed that was first unanimously approved by the District’s Program Committee, then by the full board. The $144,600 grant will help support a new fulltime staff position for two years and help defray other program costs.

In a typical year, Angel View Outreach assists 400 local children with disabilities, covers the cost of transportation to more than 800 appointments with specialists in Loma Linda, awards 60 mini-grants and 100 activity sponsorships. 

Founded in 1954, Angel View offers three primary services: 24-hour residential care for children and adults with disabilities, a therapeutic Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities; and Angel View Outreach.

For more information on Angel View Outreach, visit: info@angelview.org, visit www.angelview.org or call (855) 8AV-KIDS. For general information on Angel View’s Residential Care and Day Program services for children and adults with disabilities, call (760) 329-6471.


Jesus, 23, has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. Once he completed his special education classes, his parents, who both work full-time, needed a place where he could continue to grow. He started our Day Program 10 months ago.

He was shy when he first arrived and prone to speaking one word answers. So we were thrilled to see him open up and use full sentences when he responds to staffers like Hope, whom he clearly adores. Jesus participates in all activities. He knows the routine and where he’s supposed to be. When it’s time to leave, he grabs his bag, waits for him mom, and looks forward to coming back.