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Helping Children with Disabilities

Angel View Outreach case managers provide tips 

Angel View - How to Access California Children's Services

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Angel View - How to Access MediCal Services

Angel View - Como Acceso los Servicios del Center Regional (IRC)

Angel View - How to Access Inland Regional Center Services


Timmy spent his childhood baffling the medical community. His digestive issues and seizure activity were so profound, doctors didn’t understand how he could still be alive. His mom devoted herself to medical research and finding a place that could care for her son. Between hospitalizations, he lived in various group homes in New York. At the last one, he had so many injuries his mom sought another solution. They headed west.


Since moving into an Angel View home, Timmy is calmer, more expressive, and has far fewer seizures. He loves the staff, his housemates, our therapy dogs and his word board. He’s so adored by staff, his mother says happily, “Now he has more than one mommy.”