Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge sales tax?
All non-profit charitable organizations must collect and report sales tax unless it is an organization:
• That employs people with disabilities in the function of the store.
• Or has a core mission to provide services to people with HIV and AIDS.
Our clients' disabilities usually prohibit them from working in our stores and although we do provide services to those with HIV and AIDS, it is not our primary mission. So Angel View is not exempt.

Why do you charge tax to deliver your furniture?
According to the State Board of Equalization: “Tax applies to delivery charges if the company uses its own vehicles. Whether of not those charges are stated separately on the invoice, tax must still be applied.”

I’m disabled and you support disabled people, why can’t I get free merchandise?
The proceeds from sales are used to provide services to our clients. Store employees cannot authorize any goods or services to be given to anyone who is not a client of Angel View. To inquire about the variety of services we provide, please call 760-329-6471.

How come everything isn’t half price? You’re a thrift mart -- everything should be cheap.
Angel View provides essential services to children and adults with disabilities. The stores generate vital revenues for our programs. We have a standard guideline for clothing based on brands, quality, type of item and color. If an item is priced too high it will eventually be marked to half price. We try to base prices on the area in which a particular store is located.

I’m from a tax exempt state, so why do I have to pay tax?
California is an “origin-based” sales tax state. This means that the sale is considered to take place where the sale is completed, so Angel View is required to charge sales tax.

I don’t have my tax exempt card, can I get my stuff without tax?
We try to keep regular tax exempt customers on file. If your name is not listed at one store, but you believe it is listed at another, please ask an employee to call that store to check their records. If the card is not found, you will have to pay tax for that sale.

Do you have a layaway plan or can I make a downpayment and hold the merchandise?
We cannot hold merchandise for several reasons. Everything is unique and sells quickly, we do not want the appearance of showing favoritism to anyone, and our size limits space available to hold merchandise.

Why is everything so expensive?
We try to price our merchandise fairly, so we can sell it in a timely manner and make the most money for our programs. Sometimes we miss the mark -- either over-estimating or under-estimating.  If an item doesn't sell by week 5, it will be reduced to half price.

Can I switch out this piece of furniture for one that I have at home, as mine at home is more expensive than this one?
We do not barter or trade goods. But you are welcome to donate your furniture for a tax deduction.

Can I pay you by credit card over the phone for some items?
We cannot take credit card payments over the phone as payment for goods sold in the store.  The credit card processing company requires proof that we had the card in our possession when the transaction was conducted, either by swipe or manually imprinted.

Do the employees get the best stuff?
All merchandise must be priced, placed on the sales floor and offered to the public, 24-hours before employees and volunteers are allowed to purchase.

My ex-husband donated all my clothes and I see some of them on the sales floor. Can I just take them?
No. Once an item is donated it becomes property of Angel View, however, if the original donor can show proof that specific items were donated in error and they wish to take them back, we will do our best to accommodate.

I have a pick up scheduled tomorrow, so will you deliver this item for free when your drivers do my pick up?
Delivery is a separate service that requires additional time and costs that are not included of the price of the merchandise. We will gratefully accept your donation but cannot offer free delivery.

Do you give senior discounts?
No, not as a specific group. But we have discounts every day, based on the color for that week.

How does your color/discount system work?
We have a structured mark down system. We ticket our merchandise with six different colors. The system tells us when an item comes in and when it’s time to put it on sale. Every week a different color goes to half price (after the item has been offered for sale for four weeks). This is done so we can make room for new merchandise coming in. We do not have enough room to keep the merchandise indefinitely so we try to give it one last opportunity to sell by marking it half price.

Jaime’s Story

A frantic mother of two lost her vital records in a fire. Her son Jaime, 6, has a severe form of spina bifida, a type of birth defect. He needed prescriptions refilled, but without her Medi-Cal card and information, the pharmacy couldn’t fill them.

Angel View Outreach helped her navigate the system to reinstate her benefits. We also helped her access resources, enrolled Jaime in our mileage reimbursement program so he wouldn’t miss important appointments with his specialists, and used a mini-grant to cover the gap cost of medication he needed right away. Helping kids avoid medical emergencies is a key program goal.