Who We Help

Angel View helps children and adults with disabilities who live in our group homes as well as those who live in private homes in the Coachella Valley and High Desert. Adults from many valley communities participate in our therapeutic Day Program, headquartered in Desert Hot Springs. We also assist local families struggling to raise children with disabilities through our Outreach Program.

Since Angel View’s doors first opened in 1954, we have accepted clients without regard to race, color or national origin. The only requirement is a qualifying disability.

We Serve Individuals With:

Cerebral palsy
Downs syndrome
Intellectual disabilities
Musculoskeletal diseases
Neuromuscular diseases
Orthopedic disorders
Seizure disorders
Spastic quadraplegia
Spina bifida

When an individual is placed at an Angel View home or is admitted to our Day Program, our Interdisciplinary Team assesses his or her condition and capabilities. In addition to assessing the client's ability to benefit from Active Treatment, we also identify the client's unique:

  • Problems, disabilities and their causes
  • Developmental strengths
  • Developmental behavioral management needs
  • Need for services

The functional assessment includes the client's physical development and health, nutritional status, sensorimotor development, affective development, speech and language development, auditory functioning, cognitive development, social development, adaptive behaviors or independent living skills necessary to function in the community, and as applicable, vocational skills.

Within 30 days of admission, information from the assessment is used to develop the client's individual program plan. All subsequent interventions and services must accomplish the objectives of the individual program plan; all staff who work with the client follow the plan. As objectives are achieved, or as skills are gained or lost, the plan is reviewed and revised as needed.

The Gross Motor Program is an important part of the individual program plan. Working with a physical therapist, the client and his or her family, objectives may include range of motion, use of standers, ambulation activities and wheelchair mobility. The use of a wheelchair, either manual or powered, is an important part of independence at home and in the community.

If you have a loved one who needs placement at an Angel View home or in the Angel View Day Program, or a professional seeking to place a client, please contact us today.


Francisco’s Story

Three days before his 18th birthday Francisco was in a car accident. The driver was unhurt, but Francisco, who attended Palm Springs High School, suffered a traumatic brain injury. Since then, he’s lived with his parents, who along with his siblings, provide his care.

Now 37, Francisco attends the Angel View Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities. One of his accomplishments is his improved punctuality. He’s ready each morning when our driver picks him up. These days, instead of sleeping in, Francisco enjoys companionship, recreation and therapeutic activities. He’s learning work skills like document shredding that will enable him to participate in our new work placement program. He can’t wait!