Board of Directors Elections

January 30, 2017


Haes Landon elected Board President

CATHEDRAL CITY, CA (Jan. 15, 2017) – Carole Haes Landon was elected President of the Angel View Board of Directors in the recent December vote.

Henry Kotzen was re-elected as vice president, while Kira Klatchko, Esq. and Dr. Helene Kalfuss were named secretary and treasurer, respectively. All board officers are elected for two-year terms.

The board serves for three-year terms. Other current members of the board of directors are:V. Manuel Perez and Rich Wheeler while longtime director Dr. Martin Russell was named “Director Emeritus.” Russell has served Angel View for more than four decades.

Former board president Dr. Walter Johnson, current head of the Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Program for the World Health Organization (WHO), is President Emeritus.


Marlina’s Story

Marlina, 39, with Down syndrome, knows what a difference a year makes. Just 18 months after moving into an Angel View home, she'd transformed in every way. Most significantly, through the help of our medical staff, dietitians, and caring house staff, she’s shed 90 pounds by eating more healthfully. She couldn’t wait to show off her new figure as a model in the 2016 annual Angel View fashion show.

Besides her weight loss, she’s more settled emotionally. Instead of tears, her smile lights up the room. Her ability to focus has dramatically improved, as has her ability to transition smoothly when staffers change shifts at her house. Marlina, our princess, loves frilly things, art and the visiting therapy dogs.