Air Quality Grant Supports New Angel View Project

August 11, 2014

Environmental, public health, and congestion mitigation goals will all be met in a unique project by Angel View, thanks to $50,000 in Coachella Valley Air Quality Enhancement funds recently approved by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, announced Tracy Powers, general manager of Angel View’s resale stores.  The project reduces heavy and medium duty diesel vehicle miles traveled through the purchase and installation of commercial trash and salvage material handling equipment that enables more material to be carried per mile driven.

“To better assist our donors, we try to take all donations offered to us,” Powers explains. “So we accept a lot of donated items that can’t be sold at our stores. But we still try to make the most of every donation with many items being sold at our clearance center, some sold to salvage textile firms for resale, and other goods, like broken furniture, finding their way to the landfill.”

Like all of Angel View’s stores, which by the end of summer will number 16, the clearance center generates funding for the nonprofit’s programs to help children and adults with disabilities. “Growth in both the number of donations received and the number of stores we operate demands that we enlarge the capacity of our clearance center and salvage operations, which cannot be done in our current Palm Springs location,” Powers adds. “This is why we are working diligently on building a much larger facility near the I-10 freeway in Desert Hot Springs. The new site will be large enough to allow us to install the grant funded equipment.”

Benefits will include reduced trips by salvage customers and waste haulers.  Over the life of the project, total vehicle miles traveled will be reduced by 74%; harmful particulate matter (PM) emissions will be reduced by up to 86%.

As a physician, I’m very aware of the impact poor air quality has on public health and the health of our clients, many of whom are medically fragile,” says neurosurgeon Walter Johnson, MD, president of the board of Angel View. “So we are very excited to be able to launch another environmental initiative that improves community health.”

We are also pleased,” said Powers, “that the new clearance center will generate significant on-going revenue that will benefit the City of Desert Hot Springs, where for many years we have been recognized as the largest private employer.”

Jaime’s Story

A frantic mother of two lost her vital records in a fire. Her son Jaime, 6, has a severe form of spina bifida, a type of birth defect. He needed prescriptions refilled, but without her Medi-Cal card and information, the pharmacy couldn’t fill them.

Angel View Outreach helped her navigate the system to reinstate her benefits. We also helped her access resources, enrolled Jaime in our mileage reimbursement program so he wouldn’t miss important appointments with his specialists, and used a mini-grant to cover the gap cost of medication he needed right away. Helping kids avoid medical emergencies is a key program goal.