4th Annual Angel View Swimathon Planned for New Year's Eve Day

December 10, 2015

The Piranha Masters Swim Team will be making a splash for Angel View on Thursday, December 31, at 9 a.m. at the 4th Annual New Year’s Eve Day Swimathon.

All interested swimmers are invited to participate in the annual fundraiser for Angel View’s Outreach Program, which provides essential supports and services to nearly 500 local children with disabilities. There is no fee to swim, but participants and supporters are encouraged to donate $50-$100. Donations can be made online at: www.AngelView.org (please note “swim” in the comments field).

The Swimathon will be held at the Palm Springs Swim Center (405 South Pavilion Way). Swimmers swim 100 yards, 100 times for a total of 10,000 yards (or 400 wall touches) although there is no requirement to finish the entire distance. Participants typically finish the 10K in approximately three hours.

The event was started by Steven Erickson, CPA, managing partner of Maryanov Madsen Gordon & Campbell, after he saw it successfully executed in another city.

“Angel View is an amazing organization, and I will never stop doing what I can to help raise funds for them,” said Erickson, a former Angel View board member. “The Swimathon not only raises much needed money for Angel View, it also provides us a great way to educate the public.  We want as many swimmers as we can to join in the fun, but if you can’t swim, we still urge you to support this important event.”

“Last year the Swimathon raised over $6,000 for Angel View,” noted Dr. Walt Johnson, Angel View’s board president. “We are incredibly grateful to Steve, the Piranhas, and all the swimmers who have come out to support us!”This year Erickson hopes to raise even more; his goal is to have at least 50 swimmers participating.

Founded in 1954, Angel View offers three primary services for people with disabilities: 24-hour residential care for children and adults with disabilities, a therapeutic Day Program for adults with disabilities; and Angel View Outreach, which assistance to local families struggling to raise children with disabilities. Angel View resale stores in Riverside and San Bernardino counties generate vital revenues that enable the nonprofit to provide an exceptional quality of life for clients.

For more information on the Swimathon, visit www.AngelView.org or email Steven Erickson at: steven@mmgccpa.org.
For more information or to volunteer at Angel View's stores, visit: www.AngelView.org, email info@angelview.org, or call (760) 329-6471.

Carrina’s Story

For a child with a disability, mobility equals freedom. So when Carrina’s wheelchair was stolen, her family was understandably distraught. Without her chair, the 11-year old was unable to move about on her own.

Her dad called Angel View because he had heard about our wheelchair lending program. Created to help kids in urgent situations, the program enables children like Carrina to use a mobility device of ours until their insurance approves a replacement. Though officially it’s a lending program, we often give chairs to children in need, only asking for a return if the child outgrows it or no longer needs it.